Kansas Department of Transportation

Welcome to Allvision IO!  Where the digital and physical worlds intersect.  Allvision is pleased to provide a response to the Kansas City Department of Transportation  request for proposal.

About Allvision

 As a team of roboticists and software engineers, we have spent the past decades of our careers automating sensor data interpretation in order to make the physical environment machine readable, so it can be analyzed by computers. 

For the past two years we have been working on a data capture and comparison framework to address the challenges outlined in the current RFP as well as broader data comparison challenges specified within the Kansas Department of Transportation framework. 

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Rapidly locate, monitor and analyze critical highway infrastructure assets.

Curb & Street

Plan the design or reuse of
the curb with fresh data
from street level.


Inspect rail assets with improved efficiency and speed from anywhere on the globe.

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