Virtualize the rail asset inspection process with Allvision VRI.  Our advanced detection methods and data analytics improves collection times and efficiency  by providing insights for improved rail safety and real-time decision making.

Monitor and Maintain for Less

America’s freight rail industry is one of the most efficient and cost-effective transportation systems in the world, helping to fuel the U.S. economy through a network of rail spanning nearly 140,000 miles.   Strict safety laws and evolving Positive Train Control guidelines make this no easy feat, with billions of dollars in annual private investment going towards the maintenance and upgrading of these networks.

Our Solution

Allvision provides a streamlined and cost effective way for railroads to maintain safety compliance with the added benefit of monitoring assets in real time. Data generated by Allvision VRI is specifically tailored for the rail ecosystem and designed to support efforts in Positive Train Control (PTC), vegetation management, wire clearance measurement, and crossing verification. 

Tracking Critical Data

Allvision VRI includes high definition mapping and monitoring of eight critical asset types: derailers, switches, control signs, mileposts, signals, crossing guards, rail tracks, and crossings.  Be alerted when an asset or rail item changes,  when an obstruction appears on the tracks, or if a sign is misplaced after maintenance activities.

Rich Visualization

With 360 panoramic imaging backed by high definition liDAR you and your team can now remotely inspect critical pieces of rail infrastructure from anywhere. 


Allvision deploys a light-weight sensor stack mounted onto hi-rail vehicles or locomotives to collect data for analysis and enrichment.  When coupled with pre-existing external data-sources (GIS, GeoJson), our pipline produces a fully functioning digital twin available through an intuitive browser application and API.  Allvision VRI takes railways to the next generation of service.

Benefits of Allvision VRI

While other systems rely on pre-existing data, Allvision has built the first true digital twin platform for rail by placing sensors mounted on rail-traveling trains or vehicles. We then interpret the real world as captured by the sensors and translate it into the digital world. The information is then combined with existing sources of data and can deliver true insights as to what is happening on the rail at any time, and in any place in the world.

Rail Asset

Inspect equipment and infrastructure with greater frequency and precision.


Prevent accidents before they happen with rapid response and notifications.

Vegetation Monitoring

Maintain vegetation growth and interference around rail access sites.

Faster Decision Making

Increase transparency and collaboration across teams.

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