At Allvision, we specialize in providing high definition, time based maps for mobility, infrastructure, and transportation by harnessing the power of machine learning and computer vision.  

Enabling Optimization of Shared Use Spaces ​

The road is an ever-changing landscape prone to industrialization, overcrowding, construction, infractions, accidents, and more. Not to mention the rise in deliveries, ride sharing, scooters, and bicycles/bike lanes. Cities, municipalities, and organizations are charged with optimizing the street, parking, and curb spaces, providing safety for pedestrians, and maintaining understandable signage and directions for its usage, a digital 3D map can help transform a city into a SMART City.

Improved ROI

Invest in infrastructure wisely by making the right decisions with all the information.

Multi-Use Environments

Design more sophisticated and elegant urban landscapes by building for all modes of transit.

Regulate Infrastructure

Track infrastructure service and improvements for financial reporting

Increase Transparency

Generate positive community outreach and interaction with meaningful insights and solutions.

Benefits of Working with Allvision Curb Solutions

Allvision is able to provide the high definition map (we collect the data using state-of-the art sensors, or the data can be provided to us) that give insights into parking utilization over a specific timeframe. For example, where signage is located and what condition is it in, how many infractions occur in specific areas in a given period of time and by whom (delivery truck, personal vehicle, motorcycle, etc.). 

We can also help determine what areas are ADA accessibility compliant and which fall short, helping to future-proof citiscapes. Prior to the era of digital data collection, signs and other assets were collected by feet-on-the-street, or people with clipboards manually noting the information. The benefit of a vehicle-based sensor approach is clear — it is fast, scalable, and can be deployed city-wide and beyond.

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