Allvision leverages state-of-the-art data collection and processing technologies to rapidly locate and monitor critical municipal and civil infrastructure assets .

High Definition Mapping

Allvision’s capture and processing system can be rapidly deployed to create high-definition maps for a variety of assets for your city or project – from telephone poles to street lights to trash receptacles – with best-in-class accuracy and in any conditions.

Maintenance and Monitoring

360 degrees of detection provides insights as to where signage is located and what condition is it in, how many telephone poles are located in an area, or if vegetation is encroaching or affecting sign visibility or accessibility.

Monitor and Manage Remotely

By capturing and digitizing key pieces of infrastructure you can now monitor and manage from anywhere with the ability to inspect in rich panoramic images supported by the precision and density of the full 3D point cloud.

Rapid Deployment

Improve small cell location density with a real-time digital map of assets in all three dimensions

Data On Demand

Detect assets and estimate new locations for optimal signal strength

Maximize ROI

Track infrastructure service and improvements for financial reporting.

Remain Competitive

Improve customer service in a highly engaged and competitive market where new technology deployment means an edge 

Benefits of Allvision

Automatically detect poles at a high 95%+ percentage accuracy rate. Our solutions are also able to scan an area for potential 5G antenna locations and provide a 3D digital map to accurately estimate and plan for future assets.

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Our automated asset identification and enrichment ecosystem provides a full end-to-end solution for storage, augmentation, and exploration of geospatial data.

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