Allvision Joins the Esri Marketplace with New AI-Powered Asset Mapping Solution

Allvision IO

Press Release: Allvision Joins the Esri Marketplace with New AI-Powered Asset Mapping Solution

Enable your fast and accurate asset inventory, now easily accessible on the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace

PITTSBURGH, April 18, 2022 – Allvision IO, a geospatial analytics company providing insights and asset management to customers across industries, is pleased to announce its latest offering, AIGIS, is now available on the Esri Marketplace. Allvision AIGIS is an AI-based platform designed to transform data from mobile sensors (including LiDAR and imagery) into actionable information for the transportation, logistics, and telecommunications industries. AIGIS provides a platform and tools to enable geospatial and surveying professionals to define and train AI models specific to their data and needs, then execute them in the cloud to extract location, geometry, and other attributes of objects of interest in GIS-compatible layers. The Marketplace offering provides a custom, on-demand data layer which represents a full-service GIS product based on AIGIS and is specific to state, US, and Interstate highway signage.

ArcGIS Online users can now map and layer the following attributes for each traffic sign: 3D position (longitude, latitude, altitude), 3D orientation, cardinal direction, FHWA MUTCD Code (or general class if unavailable), and date of collection.

The Esri ArcGIS Marketplace is the largest geographic information system (GIS) user community in the world, enabling member organizations to discover and acquire apps, content, solutions, and professional services from Esri’s community of providers. Anyone can browse the listings in ArcGIS Marketplace, but an ArcGIS Online subscription is needed to obtain free trials or to make purchases. Data services acquired via ArcGIS Marketplace are also accessible from ArcGIS Online, so they are easily added to a basemap gallery or other applications. To access Allvision’s AIGIS via the  Esri Marketplace, visit

“Allvision’s partnership with the Esri Marketplace gives its thousands of users access to our accurate, time-saving asset mapping as a layer that works easily within their existing platforms,” said Ryan Frenz, Allvision co-founder and Head of Engineering. “We now can help Esri users to minimize costs, improve services, and allocate limited resources more effectively with AIGIS.”

For more detailed information regarding any of the above-mentioned technology please visit the Allvision website at or contact us at

About Allvision 

Allvision develops the platform to enable street level analytics at global scale. We provide the means to make sense of our dynamic environment to solve the world’s most pressing problems from the human point of view. The founders have spent their careers at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds and are experts in geospatial analytics and machine learning.   

Contact: Amy Reese, Allvision Marketing Manager,

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