Allvision’s Latest Offering Provides Customizable Access to Geospatial AI Platform

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Press Release: Allvision’s New Offering Provides Customizable Access to Geospatial AI Platform
AIGIS enables businesses and government agencies to jumpstart AI pipeline

PITTSBURGH, April 11, 2022 – Allvision, a geospatial analytics company, is pleased to announce the release of AIGIS (AI for GIS), a fully integrated system that empowers users to leverage or augment mapping workflows with the latest machine learning, AI, and LiDAR processing technologies available. Allvision AIGIS provides transportation, logistics, and telecommunications professionals with the data, platform, and tools needed to train AI models specific to their needs, then execute them in the Allvision cloud to extract location, geometry, or other attributes. With this platform, organizations can automatically pinpoint assets like signage, streetlights, overpasses, paint lines, guardrails, telephone poles, ADA compliant sidewalks, and more with minimal human interaction. As soon as the platform is deployed, it continually improves for unparalleled accuracy and reliability. 

Since its founding in 2017, Allvision has developed and deployed its AI capabilities across millions of images, billions of 3D points, and thousands of miles of road and rail. Allvision AIGIS  has delivered high quality, validated results to customers in DOTs, AV companies, freight rail, engineering firms, city governments, and beyond. To learn more about AIGIS and Allvision’s additional technologies, visit  

“Allvision AIGIS is just the latest in our line of innovations providing AI to people and services that would normally do things by hand or by feet-on-street,” said Dr. Aaron Morris, co-founder and CEO of Allvision. “The power of AI is now available for everyone regardless of the skill level or industry – we can train or customize to any demand and with the benefit of approachable financing.”

About Allvision 

Allvision develops the platform to enable street level analytics at global scale. We provide the means to make sense of our dynamic environment to solve the world’s most pressing problems from the human point of view. The founders have spent their careers at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds and are experts in geospatial analytics and machine learning.   

Contact: Amy Reese, Allvision Marketing Manager,

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