Map, Monitor, & Maintain

Explore a living, AI-powered GIS database of your critical infrastructure with Allvision Beacon, our cloud-based asset inventory toolkit.  

Asset Management Anywhere

Discover missing, lost, or destroyed infrastructure assets.  Track assets over time to monitor usage patterns.  Create custom reports and work orders to efficiently solve infrastructure problems.  Beacon let’s you get in the field from anywhere, with 360 degrees LiDAR-backed panoramic imagery.

infrastructure asset management

Infrastructure Monitoring & Maintenance

Get a better understanding of real-world conditions and asset life-cycles with up to date and frequently refreshed data.

Our suite of inspection and analytics tools will help you unlock insights within your current GIS data – compare to existing inventories, report on discrepancies, analyze change over time, assess clearances, and much more.

Geospatial Analytics & Reporting

Track your assets over time with rapid capture and data processing designed to keep you up to date on the latest state of your infrastructure.  Custom reports and automated analytics provide actionable insight to you and your team to help prevent problems before they occur.

infrastructure asset management work order
infrastructure asset inspection


Beacon helps you quickly find the information that matters to you the most and share it with your team or other stake-holders. 

Need to share your infrastructure data or use it in existing industry workflows? Export it with one click our integrate seamlessly with our API.

Who It’s For

All your critical inventory, in one easily accessible location.

Road & Highway

Track critical highway infrastructure including road signs, sign structures, lighting structures, barriers, ramps, bridges, and much more.

City & Curb

Maintain signs, utilities, public transit behavior, and curb / road conditions from street level.

Rail Infrastructure

Monitor signs, crossings, signals, switches, mileposts, track condition, and encroaching objects/vegetation.

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