Asset Inventories on Demand

Deploy Allvision Beacon to locate, analyze, and monitor your infrastructure assets quickly and efficiently.  High definition panoramic imagery and best-in-class LiDAR allow you be in-person from anywhere in the world.

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What is Beacon?

Allvision Beacon is a high-definition, interactive, digital copy of your city infrastructure, rail or road network. Customers across a wide range of industries can access Beacon via any modern web browser and/or via API.  Beacon’s web app provides a rich set of tools and analytics for answering your questions about the data – compare to existing inventories, report on discrepancies, analyze change over time, assess clearances, and much more.

Explore Rich Interactive Data

Access to Beacon allows you to explore in full 3D with a robust point cloud viewer and 360 imagery.  Digitally immerse yourself in your selected environment with high definition spatial data that’s updated frequently, or on-demand as needed. Conduct robust spatial and time-based analysis against existing databases or our historical data archive.

Maintain & Monitor
Critical Infrastructure Assets

Allvision Beacon includes mapping and monitoring of multiple critical asset types for road, rail, and civic infrastructure.  Generate new asset inventories and validate or update existing baseline documentation.  Be alerted when an asset or changes,  when an obstruction appears, or if a sign is misplaced after maintenance activities.  Get clearer answers to your most important questions.

Road Assets

Knowing the assets your community has, and deficits it faces, is critical in planning and maintaining rapidly changing infrastructure. Our living asset inventory has what you need to make fast decisions; whether you’re redesigning Main Street into a thriving urban oasis or maintaining thousands of miles of highway.


America’s freight rail industry is one of the most efficient and cost-effective transportation systems in the world, helping to fuel the U.S. economy through a network of rail spanning nearly 140,000 miles.  Our rapid extraction and audit system let’s you maintain and monitor critical rail assets at a fraction of the traditional time and cost.

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Tools & Analytics

Get the tools you need to discover insights that matter.  Measure environments with line, area, radius, height, and width tools.  Export results with annotations and overlay data, or share your project online for collaboration with colleagues or customers.

Real-Time Inspection

  • Measure
  • Tag
  • Extract
  • Export
  • Share

Cloud Based Analysis

  • Difference Analysis
  • Asset Drift
  • Clearance Analysis
  • Line-of-Sight


The Beacon API provides full access to data and image libraries giving you the ability to craft custom solutions with existing industry workflows and software. 

How We Do It

Beacon’s AI-powered engine aggregates sensor data collected from vehicles, detects and extracts objects of interest.  When coupled with pre-existing external data-sources (GIS, GeoJson), our pipline produces a fully functioning digital twin available through an intuitive browser application and API. 

Benefits of
Allvision Beacon

Allvision has built the first true digital twin generation platform for infrastructure.  Designed to rapidly capture and create rich, interactive, data-sets that can merged or analyzed against existing libraries.  

By coupling vehicle mounted sensors with AI processing, we  are able to interpret the real world and translate it into the digital world. Beacon gives you the power to transform business operations, dramatically cut costs, reduce risk, and swiftly boost your bottom line. 

Always Current

Our network of mobile mapping partners provides up to date data with capture frequency that can be tuned for specific time-based analysis.  Learn More

High Precision

Panoramic imagery backed by dense 3D Point clouds provide high precision models of real world infrastructure quickly and efficiently.   Learn More

Interactive Data

Interact with a rich 3D representations of your environment with tools for inspection, measurement, analysis, and monitoring.

Cloud Based

Access Allvision Beacon from anywhere with our web based portal backed by our cloud deployed, AI-enhanced, GIS database.

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